Why I Design

Design is my opportunity to provide empathy and inclusivity — principles that I Iacked growing up

I am passionate about giving back to underserved youth because of my childhood adversities. I understand what it's like to have nobody standing up for you, which is why I choose to be a voice for those who aren't represented.

My past obstacles sparked my design career. I started a non-profit for foster youth during my junior year at UCLA because of my early background in foster care. I fell in love with designing for my non-profit because problem solving requires principles of empathy and inclusivity — both of which I lacked growing up. I saw design as my opportunity to fill those gaps I grew up with and inspire brighter futures for people. This why I pursued a design career, and the rest is history.

What I Love Designing

A Master of Design grad from UC Berkeley and an entrepreneurial product design generalist, I have a passion for building innovative things — startups, education programs, etc. — from 0 to 100.

I get excited by starting things from scratch and seeming them blossom — bringing people along the away and united everyone under a unified mission and vision. Currently, I'm interested in innovative and emerging technologies in the AI space. It's the closest thing to magic. As a Harry Potter fan, this gets me ecstatic.


I'm a free-spirited, open, and quirky product designer who loves to challenge the status quo inside and outside of work

To push the boundaries of anything, I believe in questioning our own assumptions and biases. I believe in sharing perspectives by being vulnerable. I love the adventure in exploring the unknown. Whether it's starting a non-profit, startup, online course creator business, or spontaneously deciding to go a concert an hour before doors open with people I just met (how I met my current partner), my entrepreneurial spirit is in everything I do.


I'm a cat whisperer, pickup basketball player, rock climber, avid concert-goer, world traveler, Yelp elite foodie, multi-genre music enthusiast, zombie apocalypse specialist, and video-gamer

Don't worry, I'm also a dog person too. Life is short, so I enjoy exploring all sorts of worlds and immersing myself in them. For example, I tried improv for 6 months, and one day, I hope to join an improv team. I tried soccer for 6 months. If you have any hobby suggestions, I'm down to try!