Why I Design

Design is my opportunity to provide empathy and inclusivity — principles that I Iacked growing up

Design is more than a career to me; it's a platform for empathy and inclusivity, principles I didn't often experience during my own upbringing. My journey began in my junior year at UCLA when I founded a non-profit for foster youth, propelled by my early experiences moving from home to home. Designing for my non-profit illuminated the powerful blend of problem-solving with empathy and inclusivity, motivating my career and shaping my mission to inspire brighter futures.

What I Love Designing

Innovative and empowering consumer products

With a Master of Design from UC Berkeley and an entrepreneurial spirit, I've always been drawn to the thrill of building from the ground up. My passion extends from startups to educational programs, always intertwining people and uniting them under a single vision. Currently, I'm exploring the almost-magical world of AI technologies, combining my love for innovation and a touch of my Harry Potter fan enthusiasm. Most recently, I was designing for Poised, an AI communication coach that helps career professionals feel more confident through improving their communications skills.


I'm a free-spirited, open, and quirky product designer who loves to challenge the status quo inside and outside of work

My design philosophy and life are guided by a free-spirited, open, and slightly quirky compass. From founding a non-profit and a startup to impromptu concert adventures (which serendipitously is how I met my partner), my entrepreneurial spirit pervades all I do. I find joy in venturing into the unknown, challenging assumptions, and embracing vulnerability as a tool to explore varied perspectives.


My partner and I are proud cat parents living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Say hello to Suki (Akatsuki) and Roara (Incineroar)! Suki (left), our vocal 'golden-retriever' cat, steals food and is quite the trickster - from sitting to spinning! Roara (right) is our athletic nurturer. She might be shy, but she's our chief cuddler, always there during our lows. As for my partner, he's a full-time entrepreneur with a college admissions consultancy. Our worlds collided through my startup venture; after a speaking event, his friend introduced us, leading to an unforgettable concert night.
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All things adventurous in sports, music, food, travel, and games

Whether conversing with cats, playing pickup basketball, scaling rock walls, traversing global destinations, or preparing for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse, I embrace a multi-faceted approach to life and hobbies. From a 6-month improv stint with dreams of future team involvement to a half-year dive into soccer, my adventurous spirit is always up for new exploratory challenges – and I'm all ears for your hobby suggestions!