Shimmer - Celebrating and Representing Neurodiverse Minds

Driven by my personal ADHD journey and success with Shimmer, I passionately led its rebranding to genuinely reflect its neurodiverse audience. Engaging co-founders and harnessing user insights, I crafted a design that is colorful, user-friendly, and legible, embodying the ethos of celebrating one's unique brilliance.
Brand Strategist
1 month (Sep - Oct'23)
Core Responsibilities
Branding, illustration, mobile/web design

Problem & Insights

Shimmer's prior aesthetic was more so focused on people with anxiety/depression, which wasn't repres

Prior to Shimmer's pivot to serving ADHD audiences, their muted colors were catered to audiences with anxiety and depression. ADHD audiences are vibrant and unique; we aimed to reflect that.
Colors are muted
Lots of colors at once
Better suited for people with anxiety and depression (prev. target audience)
Fun, but can be distracting for people with ADHD


Balancing rofessionalism with engaging authenticity

The primary objective was to reimagine Shimmer: melding its necessity for professionalism and trustworthiness with a spirited, user-resonant branding. Given the precarious positioning of ADHD-focused platforms in the healthcare arena, it was vital to balance clinical reliability with an authentic, engaging visual presence that speaks to its vibrant user demographic.


Shimmer rebranded as a trustworthy, yet unique and approachable ADHD coaching app

A comprehensive rebrand was executed, infusing a vibrant, yet meticulously tested color palette, and strategically embedding brand principles into each design facet to ensure Shimmer’s aesthetic was not only an accurate reflection of its audience but also navigable and visually accessible. Striking a balance between approachability and professionalism, the redesign aimed to be both an ally and a guide to its users, while still upholding a degree of authority and reliability in the broader healthcare context.
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Shifting to more legible, quirky, yet professional typefaces
Less focused on legibility for ADHD audiences
Bolder and easier to read for ADHD audiences
Shifting to more inviting and approachable feel
Earthy and neutral tones
Soft, playful pastels that are grounded by pops of warmth and boldness
Creating a more approachable and inviting landing page
A muted, less vibrant homepage — previously better suited for audiences with anxiety and depression (past target audience)
Colorful, vibrant, and unique — suitable for Shimmer's pivot to serving ADHD audiences


ADHD users mentioned that the new rebrand is inviting and professional without feeling too clinical

The rebranding not only received an overwhelmingly positive response from users for its authentic, accessible, and friendly aesthetic but also significantly enhanced Shimmer’s brand positioning, playing a pivotal role in its seed funding phase. This new, balanced visual identity helps pave the way for Shimmer to be recognized as a credible, yet user-centric entity in the ADHD and healthcare space.